Canacoustica: Canadian Perspectives on Sound and Ecology

The special Canadian edition of the Soundscape Journal (Winter/Spring 2015) is guest edited by CASE and will soon be available on the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology (WFAE) website (January, 2016) on their new website. CASE and WFAE members received their printed copies in the mail in Canada and worldwide. Download a copy here

Ways of Listening, Figures of Thought

On the occasion of R. Murray Schafer’s 80th Birthday, The Soundscape & Environmental Medialab / Hockschule Darmstadt, Germany  published a Festschrift. Prof. Sabine Breitsameter and Eric Leonardson edited the collection of short essays with assistance from CASE. This included a forward by Andrea Dancer, CASE Chair. Copies may be ordered via:

Gabriola Speaker Series

CASE organised a retreat on Gabriola Island, BC, in 2009 with the help of Leah Hokanson, which include as speakers sound ecologists Hildegard Westerkamp, Eric Leonardson, Charlie Fox, Eric Powell, Barry Truax and Noora Vikman. These are the transcripts of major speaker keynote presentations (in English and French).

Barry Truax
Eric Leonardson
Eric Powell
Noora Vikman

Research Statement

As a multidisciplinary organization, CASE encourages and supports research into the aesthetic, ecological, philosophical, sociological and cultural aspects of the sonic environment. A special emphasis of research is placed upon sound ecology in Canada.

Primary areas of research are to include:

a) documenting the historical changes (morphology) in the regional and national soundscapes of Canada.

b) studying different attitudes towards noise and silence in regions throughout Canada.

c) monitoring and evaluating the impact of human and technological intervention on specific acoustic environments. Of particular interest is the ever increasing presence of electroacoustic media (radio, TV, background and foreground music), in both rural and urban soundscapes.

d) developing innovative approaches to re-designing the sonic environment, based on models devised by sound designers in Canada and
other parts of the world (France, Germany, Japan).

CASE encourages the publication and distribution of research in the form of books, brochures, audio recordings, educational CD-Roms, radio and television documentaries, websites, public exhibits, and presentations at international conferences and festivals on the subject of sound and environment.