Audio Postcards Canada

Audio Postcards Canada is a curated exhibit of sounds from across Canada, and reflections on those sounds. The online exhibit features 16 exceptional pieces of audio art selected from 87 eclectic works submitted to Canadian Association for Sound Ecology. Just like postcards sent through the mail, these Audio Postcards are short explorations and celebrations of the varied soundscapes found in Canada. Text-based reflections from curator Andrea Dancer and guest commentator Hildegard Westerkamp bring the listener deeper into the exhibit. With this project, CASE invites heightened listening awareness through multiple means: the use of the microphone, the sense of place, the audio narrative, and also artistic expression. Audio Postcards Canada showcases pieces that create an intimacy between the artist and the listener in unanticipated ways.

If you are captivated by these sounds and the ideas they present, we invite further creative, educational, festival, exhibition, presentation, as well as artistic investigation and production. For information about how to access or use these sounds in these ways, please email For more information about the Canadian Association for Sound Ecology, how to contact and join CASE, visit

The Audio Postcards Canada Team
Carmen Braden – Project Lead
Andrea Dancer – Curator
Matt Griffin – Web Developer
Andrea Schmidt – Web Designer,
Eric Powell – Audio Mastering
Randolph Jordan – Technical Advisor
Sarah Brown – Promotion
Raylene Campbell – Administration