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Audio Postcards – Call for Submissions

AUDIO POSTCARDS ­ – Call for sounds!

This is a call for submissions to Audio Postcards sourced from across the Canadian soundscape. This call is open to ecological researchers, audio artists, composers, and the listening public. In 1 to 2 minutes, create or capture an aural image of a place, moment, or region of Canada. We are open to sonic explorations of weather, urban life, animals, environmental data, or just the sounds from your porch. We welcome any submissions ranging from unedited field recordings to completely transformed electroacoustic compositions; our goal is to hear how YOU hear the acoustic environment!

CASE is curating a series of concerts across Canada that will feature selections of these postcards from across the country and highlight additional aspects of acoustic ecology unique to each concert location. Additionally, a collection of postcards will be selected by a jury for an online audio exhibition on the CASE website.

Submission requirements:

All sounds must collected within Canada. Maximum 3 submissions per person. Open to international submissions provided the sounds are from Canada. The submitter is responsible for ensuring they have permission to capture/use the audio. All copyright remains with the submitter.

Please include the following with all submissions:

1. Audio Postcard

a. Minimum length: 1 minute, Maximum length: 2 minutes

b. Only performance­ready submissions will be accepted. Format: .WAV audio file @ 16 bit /44.1Khz. No MP3 Submissions will be accepted.

2. Accompanying Info ­ Description of the sound source(s), details of any transformation of the sound, reason for submission, artist statement, program notes, etc.

a. Written version ­ .pdf or word doc. max 250 words + 50 word bio

b. Identify where your recordings were made ­ be as specific as possible.

Deadline: September 21, 2015

Contact: postcards@soundecology.ca


3 responses to “Audio Postcards – Call for Submissions”

  1. Kevin Austin Avatar
    Kevin Austin

    Where and how to submit?

    1. Raylene Campbell Avatar

      Please send submissions to the email provided above:

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