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Member meeting guest speaker: Carol Ann Weaver, April 2024

Having spent three months in South Africa in Fall of 2023, I present sounds I recorded and photos we took from two of the largest wildernesses remaining on the planet, Kruger National Park in the north and Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park (Kalahari) in the west (shared with Botswana, and bordering Namibia).  It remains extremely important for people around the world, including Canadians, to become acquainted with and supportive of these natural areas, because without their being protected, the parks may not be able to be sustained, and much wildlife will be unable to survive. Bird biologist/environmentalist Lyle Friesen will help explain habits and life patterns of many of the birds and animals recorded, presenting a context for their place in the natural order.  We can learn more about our world by listening to the sounds of another. — Carol Weaver


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