The pandemic of 2020-2021 has affected everyday life on a global scale. Many acoustic ecologists, artists and researchers have already noted shifts in local soundscapes: less noise, new soundmarks, and most of all a newfound significance in the daily rhythms of life. One year into the ordeal, how is the intersection of sound, listening, and the pandemic shaping up?

CASE is curating a new section of our Blog called “Listening to Pandemic Life and Beyond,” and we are looking for 10 text-based entries of 500 words each that explore new territories in the sonic experience as we shift into the second year of COVID living. Send us your explorations of urban experience, the non-human world, environmental data, media, technology, or just your home; our goal is to read about your take on how the current state of the COVID world shapes your sonic environments and listening practices.

We are excited to bring this collection to our community and contribute to growing conversations about soundscape ecology and sonic cultures in (post)-pandemic times.

Submission requirements:

Contributions will ideally reflect some aspect of a Canadian soundscape and some aspect of everyday experience during the pandemic. Maximum 1 submission per person. All copyright remains with the author.  

  1. Maximum length: 500 words.
  2. Format: PDF or DOC word file.
  3. Accompanying Info[1]  – author bio.
  4. Encouraged but not required: audio file, picture, or video that can be embedded in your entry

Deadline: June 15, 2021

Send submissions to special issue blog editors: Milena Droumeva ( and Randolph Jordan (

Note that submission does not guarantee entry; there is a selection process and the editors will be posting the best 10 from the group of submissions (with possible requests for revision). There is no monetary remuneration for any submissions.


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